Sunday, May 18, 2014

Detailed Camera iPhone 5 vs Zenfone 5

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I remember my first camera phone approximately 0.3 Mega pixels. High resolution photos will allow us to better see it? A pixel is not better? How many pixels the phone in the end we need is enough?

Just purchased an Intel X86-based architecture Asus Zenfone 5 and receive calls as equipment and iPhone5 prepared here with a series of contrasting photos look like today's 8-megapixel camera with enough in the end

First, a look at the level of the screen display. iPhone5 4 inches 16:9 IPS display unit with a resolution of 1136 * 640, PPI (the number of pixels per inch) reach 326, which is more than the retina standards (in the normal distance to the naked eye does not recognize dots). The Zenfone 5 of 5 inches 16:9 IPS display unit resolution 720p, because the screen is bigger than the iPhone5 come, so PPI but not as good iPhone5, 294 came close but did not reach the retina standards. However, the following chart, the difference might not imagine is far greater.

This photo below on the left was taken iPhone5 right to Zenfone shooting. Both are 8,Mega pixels 4:3, using the original camera APP touch focus, auto exposure, the following will not be explained. In contrast to this group can not see the details, but see iPhone5 under overcast outdoor lighting, for more accurate white balance restored. The Zenfone the more saturated the color performance. No obvious good or bad, personally prefer the right of expression.

However, an enlarged detail see me and my little friends flew shocked! Ladies and gentlemen, this is not my focus iPhone5 not aligned ah! Instead, the normal 8-megapixel camera phone and left a kind of respect.

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