Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Root Zenfone v1.2 apk

Root APK for Zenfone (Credit to shakahuang originally posted at )

Look at this post-installation problems:

* Contact disappear:
1. The first drop-down status bar, turn off the automatic synchronization
2 Settings -> Applications -> left to pull find the "All" tab -> scroll down to find Contacts Storage -> point to go after select "Clear Data"
3 Return to your Google account, tap the From option "Synchronize now" or pull the status bar to open automatically synchronized.
4 people look back contact is not all back

download it here:

First, thanks to M01 of alpha / beta test users: Maple Maple blowing, Pheena, maxkerr, tsaibru, CyberSoul, kevin0216tw, wilden0424 and very very awesome DIXES, he gave a lot of advice and do quite a lot of testing did not live :) voluntary help these users, this program can not be born, thank you.

While the old stems still come first statement:
* ROOT risk, may damage the phone undermine warranty estranged couple come down .. When you download the program and use its representatives have agreed to also know the risks, cell phones are totally unrelated to the fundamental human accident.
* I simply do not care for nature study ROOT phone, just have users have needs in this area, so only sharing program so that interested people can participate in research and discussion.
* I do not encourage ROOT the phone, unless you do not like people never go bad skull in the care warranty problems.
Support mobile version:
* This version supports only TW version ZenFone 5/6, full support CN version has been removed, anyway, you can use the leaked beta very happy because of CN versions of some places are not the same, you need to make some adjustments, it is Unfortunately, no one can further help me, so .. of course, I still have to thank the Friends @ wowcomeon100 push his help, but not cooked adb also can not be further tested.
* WW version  barely still be used, but some of the language people use to go to gallery / message / contact delete demo data.
* We advise who using the CN version  Do not use this version root, I am not responsible for the accident.
Before installation considerations:
* Go to Settings -> Security -> Select "Unknown sources"
* Open File Manager, click the install apk
* Turn off WiFi, if there is a connection to an AP, make "clear setting"
* Turn off the data network, or open flight mode
Is simple to use, look at Figure storytelling:

1. After installing the program will see the ROOT ZenFone only pattern is the monkey with a blindfold

2.  Disclaimer, click on the "Do not ask."

3. screen is very simple, choose the program you want to install Superuser, click the button below

4.Then will start the demonstration mode, when you see the words Zeonfone appears, quickly press the power reboot

5.Please come back again open Root ZenFone program recognizes that if the pop-up dialog box, on behalf of the successful friends, remember to give permission
 6. So if after receiving the OTA update, do not rush to apply,go to Zenfone ROOT app, and then  tap "after upgrading to retain ROOT" button, go to apply OTA update, so you will not lose ROOT.

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