Thursday, May 08, 2014

Zenfone 6 Install International ROM Tutorial

want to experience the international version ROM for Zenfone 6, the china version of the ROM's built-in software in a quandary, the international version of the ROM is relatively pure, and with the Taiwan version of ROM as have retained the Google service pack, here is a ZenFone 6 Latest International Edition ROM 2014.04.20 version.

Read this First: 
  1. This ROM is the official version of the Asus ZenFone 6 2014.04.20 international ROM version , not applicable for ZenFone 5, please know!
  2. Install from original version (china) to International version
  3. International Edition requires double clear wipe, make sure to back up call records and text messages and other important data from the phone
  4. International Edition is not available OTA upgrade! Need to manually upgrade!
Comparison before and after the upgrade software information :
Left CN version, right WW version

Installation steps:

  1. backup phone data 
  2. Clear data + cache (tutorial here)
  3. Download the latest version of Asus ZenFone 6 international ROM ( Here or Here
  4. Change the archive name ! ! ! Since Asus ROM upgrade can only recognizes WW-> WW, CN-> CN, TW-> TW, so we need to modify the version name is CN version and change the date to the date of the version number of the phone again subsequent date. The international version of the ROM to download the compressed package name "" Renamed as "UL-ASUS_T00G-CN-2014.5.1.65432-user" or  the phone will not recognize
  5. copies modify the good name of the international version of ROM ZIP file to the root directory of phone memory ( that is placed directly under the root directory of the phone U disk , not on any folder ) , remember not to decompress ( picture to step demonstration, not International Edition ROM)
  6. Copy is completed, disconnect the phone and the computer, the screen will be the upper left corner "!" Was detected in the system update file prompt, you can click on the order operation
  7. Phone automatically reboot after the upgrade is completed and prompt updates
  8. Welcome screen

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