Sunday, May 18, 2014

Zenfone Root apk tools

 New Version RootZenfone APK :
i got it from baidu forum, it can root zenfone 5 in that forum and several user successfully root their zenfone. 
(credit to forum and the developers especially 感谢@1个2个3个4个 and SIM_卡注册失败)

you can download the apk from

-Install APK
-Choose SuperSU/superuser

also credit to Indonesian Zenfone group and Vietnamese Zenfone group @facebook for testing this apk (screenshoot below) 


-Do this at your own Risk. I'm not responsibly if you brick your phone.

-root void your waranty
please inform me if this tool works or not. thx


Successful Root  :

tested on zenfone 5 (T00F) Z2580/2GHz/2GB/16GB :

tested on Zenfone 6 T100G(a600cg):

ps:not working on zenfone 4  

Root video (Vietnamese) credit to uploader

have problem demo mode? click here for solution

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