Thursday, August 07, 2014

Download Root Zenfone 1.3r

Support CN/WW/TW version 4.3/4.4
Zenfone 5 & 6 Only
RootZenfone 1.3r
RootZenfone 1.3.1r

Before installation considerations:
* Go to Settings -> Security -> Select "Unknown sources"
* Open File Manager, click the install apk
* Turn off WiFi, if there is a connection to an AP, make "clear setting"
* Turn off the data network, or open flight mode
Is simple to use, look at Figure storytelling:

1. After installing the program will see the ROOT ZenFone only pattern is the monkey with a blindfold

2.  Disclaimer, click on the "Do not ask."

3. screen is very simple, choose the program you want to install Superuser, click the button below

4.Then will start the demonstration mode, when you see the words Zeonfone appears, quickly press the power reboot

5.Please come back again open Root ZenFone program recognizes that if the pop-up dialog box, on behalf of the successful friends, remember to give permission
 6. So if after receiving the OTA update, do not rush to apply,go to Zenfone ROOT app, and then  tap "after upgrading to retain ROOT" button, go to apply OTA update, so you will not lose ROOT.

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