Download Root Zenfone 1.4.2r

Credit to Shakahuang

RootZenFone APK / RootZenUI APK support android 4.4

Supported Models:

* ZenFone 4.5 (T00Q)
* ZenFone 5 (T00F / T00J)
* ZenFone 6 (T00G / Z002)
* PadFone S (T00N)

* Support Currently, most equipped ZenUI phone / tablet
* SuperSU updated to version 2.02
* Remove the ZenFone issue a little more run Superuser, the final version of a supported version is 1.3.2r
To be confirmed models:
* Fonepad Note 6 (K00G aka ME560CG) v11.2.1.22 (?)
* ZenFone 5 LTE (T00P)
* PadFone Mini (T00E)
* MeMO Pad 7 (K013 / K017) should be ME176C ME176CX ME170C
* MeMO Pad 8 (K011) should be ME181C
* Transformer Pad TF303CL (K014)
* Transformer Pad TF103C (K010) TF103CG (K018)
* Fonepad 7 FE375CG (K019)
* Fonepad 7 FE170CG (K012)

Finally reiterated Note:
* ROOT risk, may damage the phone void warranty When you download the program and use it on behalf of already agreed to also know the risks, cell phones are totally unrelated to the fundamental human accident.
* After ROOT best to perform a factory reset

Update: 1.4.1r need to do some clarification, please do not use!