Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Install International WW ROM from CUCC China Unicom Zenfone 5

Method 1
  1. Root your Zenfone and install root explorer.
  2. Download firmware V1.14.40.50 version (Zenfone 5 , Zenfone 6)
  3. Download ADB (Here)
  4. Extract downloaded firmware on ADB folder, there is .zip after extract then extract .zip again and copy fastboot.img , boot.img and at (recovery folder) copy recovery-from-boot.p , (etc folder) copy install-recovery.sh . Now you must have fastboot.img, boot.img, recovery-from-boot.p, and install-recovery.sh (place them to ADB folder)
  5. Open install-recovery.sh with Notepad/Notepad++ replace /system/recovery-from-boot.p with /data/local/tmp/recovery-from-boot.p

  6. Copy recovery-from-boot.p and install-recovery.sh in your internal memory then Open rootexplorer copy those 2 files and paste at /data/local/tmp/ and turn off your zenfone.
  7. Go to droidboot (Power Button + Volume up) then connect your zenfone to PC/laptop with usb cable
  8. At ADB folder press shift + right click and choose open command here
  9. Type fastboot devices, see if the device is connected or not
  10. Type fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img  and wait until finish
  11. Type fastboot flash boot boot.img and wait until finish
  12. Restart your Zenfone
  13. After enter homescreen Type at CMD adb shell then su , there will pop up superuser and click grant
  14. Type CMD sh data/local/tmp/install-recovery.sh then Turn off your Zenfone
  15. Rename firmware that you download earlier to update.zip (downloaded firmware->extract choose zip after extract not the first one)
  16.  Go to droidboot (Power+volume up) choose recovery there will be android robot logo "no command" click volume down then volume up then release volume up.
  17. choose update from adb sideload
  18. at CMD type adb sideload update.zip and wait until finish
  19. Wipe data and Wipe cache (How? Here) Reboot.
  20. Download the latest firmware and repeat step 15-19 with the latest firmware file
Method 2
  1. Root your Zenfone 5 /Zenfone 6
  2. Download WW V1.14.40.50 Firmware (Zenfone 5 Download) (Zenfone 6 Download)
  3. ADB (Download
  4. Extract WW Firmware to ADB folder
  5. Go into recovery Volume up + Power to get into recovery modes, then volume down + volume up, hold volume up for 3 seconds. and then you will see ADB sideload. Press on that and get ready to go. 
  6. ON ADB Folder Hold Shift+Right Click and "Open command window here"
  7. Type "Adb sideload (drop the file into the terminal, don't write this!)" and then press enter, make sure there is a space between sideload and your file name.  
  8. Let it install, it will install and then give you an error after saying "cannot load volume /misc!" ignore it, wipe cache and reset. 
Tools and Resources:
  1. Intel USB Driver for Android ( Download Here )
  2. ADB Fastboot Tool (Download Here)
  3. Fastboot.img (Download Here)
  4. Platform tools (Download Here)
  5. Zenfone 5 Firmware Version V1.16.40.7(WW) (Download Here)
  6. Zenfone 5 Firmware WW (Latest
  1. Extract ADB tools and other resource to one folder
  2. Reboot your zenfone to Fastboot mode (Power + Volume up)
  3. Connect Your Zenfone to PC /Laptop
  4. Open CMD then go to ADB and resource directory
  5. Then type: fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img 
  6. Reboot then Go to recovery and select update from adb
  7. Open CMD then go to ADB and resource directory
  8. Then Type: adb sideload UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-
  9. (UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- is the name of firmware you downloaded earlier you can change it to update.zip or anything) 
  10. Go to recovery again and select update from adb
  11. Open CMD then go to ADB and resource directory
  12. Then Type: adb sideload xxx.zip (xxx=the name of latest firmware) 
  13. After complete do double wipe (Tutorial Here)
DWYOR (Do it With Your Own Risk)


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