Saturday, September 13, 2014

Asus Flashtool Installer for Zenfone
Asus Flash Tool

Download RAW Firmware Here

  1. Open the ASUS Flash Tool, AFT will automatically detect mobile devices (if not automatically detect, please re-plug the USB cable)

  2. Step 2:
  3. 1), automatically detect the serial number (for example: DCATCY141082), State representatives connection status bar turns blue. Not connected display. Detected inconsistent with the actual SN possible, but does not affect the refresh firmware.

    2), manually select the correct model, there is no drop-down menu, and on behalf of AFT is not supported; model forget if elected, you will be prompted
    3), select whether empty user data, Yes on behalf empty, No representative of any default No, please choose according to the actual situation.

    4), click on the box icon, select the path to the firmware raw file.

    5), click again, you need to update the machine, serial number, and blue State status bar.

    6), the start point Start icon to start the firmware update.
  4.  flash process, the phone will appear black, is a normal, over a period of time will automatically display
  5.  Success, Asus Flash Tool will show below, the system will automatically reboot into the phone.

    Note: Sometimes brushing, the phone is turned off black state, press the power button to boot to see whether the boot.

    entire process takes about 6.5 minutes

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