Saturday, October 04, 2014

One Click Root For Zenfone (Kitkat/JB)

How to Root Zenfone (Kitkat/JB)  
Tutorial from Raditz Room Tested by Him

  1. Towelroot, SuperSU (Download)
  2. Do it With Your Own Risks


  1. Download APK and Open it (ignore Device is not Compatible)
  2. Into Towelroot app, click “welcome to towelroot v3″ 3 times and enter the number text: 1337 0 1 0 4 0 (see screeenshot) and click "make it rain"
  3. wait for 5 minutes until your zenfone reboot
  4. Install SuperSU app
  5. you can change to SuperSU Pro by uninstalling SuperSU with Root Uninstaller


How to Root Zenfone (Kitkat/JB)

All Tutorial and Screenshoot Credit to Raditz Room
Towelroot Credit to GeoHot

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