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How to Unbrick Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6

If you can enter Recovery when at USB logo by press Volume up + Power Use this Tutorial (HERE-How to Unbrick Your Zenfone)

If you can't enter Recovery at USB mode, you can try this Method:
Zenfone Brick USB Mode
Zenfone Brick USB Mode

Resources to Download:
  1. Intel USB Driver (Download HERE)
  2. Asus USB Driver (Download HERE
  3. iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.exe (Download HERE)
  4. xfstk-downloader-setup-1.5.1.exe (Download HERE)
  5. IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.5.0.exe (Download HERE)
  6. ADB Fastboot ( (Download HERE)
  7. FW DnX, IFWI, OS DnX, OS Image files (Download For Zenfone 5 / Download for Zenfone 6)
  8. Update Splashscreen.bat (Download HERE)
  9. ASUS Zenfone5/6 Firmware/ROM (Download HERE
  1. Download All Resources above and Place it to one Folder, and Install Intel USB Driver& ASUS Zenfone USB Driver.
  2. The first step is to install iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.exe, when your phone is on USB pattern appears when connected to the computer should be two new devices, both at Intel Soc classification: CloverviewPlus Device and Intel Soc USB Driver.
    unbrick-zenfone-device manager
    unbrick-zenfone-device manager
  3.  The second step is to install xfstk-downloader-setup-1.5.1.exe and switch to the CLVP A0/B0/B1 Tab, and Make sure Device status column which shows the Scanning: CLOVERVIEWPLUS TARGETS DETECTED: 1, if the final surface is displayed as 0, check again Device Manager and make sure Zenfone is detected.
     xfstk-downloader zenfone
    xfstk-downloader zenfone
    Detected Device: 
  4. The next thing is very simple, sequentially select FW DnX, IFWI, OS DnX, OS Image files that you have downloaded earlier.and Click Begin Download, then USB pattern on the phone will have a progress bar display (red) 
    Unbrick Zenfone xSTFK Downloader Progress
    Unbrick Zenfone xSTFK Downloader Progress
  5. Upon completion of the phone will automatically reboot, if the boot screen becomes the pattern of Intel inside, there are two ways:
    a. Enter Recovery and Flash ROM via ADB

    b.  Via Fastboot flash the splashscreen
    - phone into fastboot mode and connected to your computer, click on the execution  Update_SplashScreen.bat
  6. If the above steps are completed, the phone still will not turn on, or in the recovery Flash factory ROM also has problems (occurring failed to mount / cache errors ), here there is a last resort:
    - Download The Reset.bat  (Download HERE)
    - Phone into fastboot mode and connected to your computer, click on the execution Reset.bat re-initialize the phone.
    -Go to Fastboot, Flash Recovery (Tutorial HERE) and Flash ROM with the same build number with the recovery (Tutorial HERE)

Another way to Un-brick Using Asus Flash Tool

DWYOR (Do it With Your Own Risks)
Thanks to Shakalaca for the Knowledge and Resources

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