Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ZenWatch "Find My Phone" Function

Find My Phone helps users find their phone when it is misplaced by ringing it remotely. Alternatively, ASUS ZenWatch Manager on the smartphone can be used to find a misplaced ZenWatch by making it vibrate and flash.

1. First, double-click on the watch to wake ZenWatch. 

2. Click twice and then enter the function menu of the "Start" 

3. Select "Find my phone" function and click enter. 

3. Just go to this picture "Swipe to dismiss" has been turned on behalf of it! 

4. In the "Swipe to dismiss" the time displayed on the screen phone will beep sound,
The screen will appear "slide to close." 

5. The end of the phone or ZenWatch just slip your mobile phone to release the sound to find function.

When using this function should note that both sides should watch phone with a Bluetooth connection in the state's only looking to get over Bluetooth transmission range, then this feature will not be able to use !

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