Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[Tool] Installer for Xposed Installer for ZenFone Series


This tool is specifically made for ZenFones. If you have an Intel x86 device you can try this but only at your own risk. If you mess up, the only one who will be responsible is going to be you! So if you don't have a ZenFone or some other Intel x86 device please stay away from this tool!


  • Common Sense
  • Necessary drivers.
  • Root Access
  • This Tool
  • USB Debugging turned on


  • Unzip the Tool on your Computer
  • Run the Tool
  • Confirm whether or not you want to Install
  • Let it do it's magic
  • Grant Root permission
  • Press the Install/Update button
  • Grant Root permission again
  • Press OK to reboot
  • Done.
Tutorial Created by yourarjunjadeja , Original Post on XDA Here
(Wanna create tutorial? email at info.zenfone@gmail.com / click post a tutorial above)

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