Monday, January 19, 2015

Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG Philz Touch Recovery CWM

Philz Touch Zenfone 4 |
Philz Touch Recovery for Zenfone 4

ClockworkMod - also known under the name of Clockwork and CWM - 1 mini operating system for phones and tablets running Android . It allows you to intervene in the deep system to restore, install or modify the components that can not be done within the Android operating system is used. Even after allowing ASUS Bootloader Unlock Zenfone 4, so far they have Built and tested successfully on CWM Philz Zenfone CWM 4. 
  1. First, Bootloader Unlock your zenfone, click here
  2. Unpack, install and launch the app - Read over or pulled down to the bottom and volume terms Agree, do one again and click on the lock to start unlocking.
  3. Download philz touch recovery here
  4. Install And select Install Philz Touch Recovery and reboot, at first ASUS screen ( no circular motion) you hold Volume Volume + or - are able to recover 
Source: xda

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