Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[Guide] Must Check These before Buying Zenfone 2

There are some issues experienced by some customers zenfone 2. Make sure you check out some of the following checklist before you buy Zenfone 2 and make sure your zenfone 2 official warranty.

  1. Crooked USB charging jack, Some user got this issue
  2. Hairline Scratch, Even out of the box some user experienced this issue
  3. Screen Display Quality, Beware of Dark Spot and Grey Spot. To test you can go to Test Mode (Tutorial Here)
  4. Camera Problem, Usually User got this issue (Open Camera -> Select Ultra High Resolution Mode)
  5. Booting Test, Check if it is Booting Properly
  6. Browsing Test, Check if the screen flickering while browsing or not
  7. Signal, Wifi, and Bluetooth Test

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