Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Android L Release Delayed Due To Zenfone Verification Process Problem

Sad news for ASUS Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, Zenfone 6, and Padfone S user. Today ASUS via Zentalk Super Moderator announced that ASUS will postpone Android L upgrade because verification process problem. Zenfone 1st Generation scheduled to get Android 5.0 L in Mid May, but with this announcement they will rearrange Android L upgrade schedule. This is the original post:

Android L升級延遲公告謝謝各位用戶長期以來的支持,原訂於5月中提供ZenFone4、ZenFone5、ZenFone6、PadFoneS等機型升級至Android L系統,由於團隊在驗證過程中發現了一些問題,為了避免升級之後影響相關使用經驗,因此決定將Android L延期釋出,技術人員會加緊進行問題之修復, 完成後將盡早釋出。

另外,The New Padfone Infinity (A86) 因處理器原廠不支援此款手機所採用的CPU 升級至Android L系統,因此我們將停止升級Android L之計劃;未來華碩仍會基於Android 4.4版提供此機型之軟體更新。

English Translation:

Android L upgrade delay announcement
Thank you for your continued support users, originally scheduled for mid-May to provide ZenFone4, ZenFone5, ZenFone6, PadFoneS other models upgrade to Android L system, because the team found some problems in the google verification process, in order to avoid the impact of relevant experience after upgrade , it was decided to postpone the release of Android L technician to fix the problem will intensify, release as soon as possible after completion.  In addition, The New Padfone Infinity (A86) because the original processor does not support CPU used in this phone to upgrade to Android L system, we will stop the planned upgrade Android L; future Asus Android version 4.4 will continue to provide on this machine type of software update.  Notice is hereby given, and please forgive me.

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