Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to Protect your Zenfone from lost or getting stolen

How to Protect your Zenfone from lost or getting stolen

If you somehow lose your Zenfone, or it’s stolen, you can now track the device down as long as the software is set up properly (Data and Location On). It can help you find it if you’ve left it round a mate's house or it can really help out the police when you report a theft.

Android Device Manager uses your GPS technology to locate the device and also offers the ability to change your passwords or even wipe the entire phone. None of these features are enabled unless you set it up properly so follow these simple steps below by Asus Zenfone Blog to be sure you’re protected.

Steps How to Protect your Zenfone from lost or getting stolen :

  1. Make sure you have Google Account
  2. Open "Google Settings" > "Security" and activate "Remote locate this device" and "Allow remote lock and erase" and press "Activate"

  3. Open from your PC or Laptop, now you can see your Zenfone is available. Where you'll now see two more options light up under the status of that device. Next to "Ring" you'll now have the new option to "Lock" as well as the old option of "Erase." Clicking on Lock will bring up a dialogue box that lets you enable a PIN or password on your phone, even if you have no security on the phone before that point.

  4. If you have lost or suspect your phone was stolen, the quickest and best thing to do is immediately lock it with a strong password from the web interface ( Once you've assessed the situation and have found that the phone has indeed been stolen, then you may want to consider a remote wipe. Remotely wiping the device happens just as quickly as the screen lock, and erases not only the phone but also any external SDcard storage it may have. Whenever a wipe occurs you will also receive an email notification indicating where and when the device was wiped.

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