Monday, November 23, 2015

ASUS Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML Unboxing and Review

ZenFone Zoom to start from the beginning of the year become a mystery, all of the official details are also retained, but also a number will appear during the court several times, and now the time is finally to be listed, ASUS official will also be December 1 thousands of people will held ZenFone Zoom experience. This time out of the box ZenFone Zoom, On this Unboxing, the processor is not the top quad-core Intel Atom Z3590 processor, but the Atom Z3580 4GB RAM /64GB ROM. Personal guess ZenFone Zoom with Z3590 Processor is for 4GB RAM/128GB ROM.

Also in this Unboxing is Zenfone Zoom with Single SIM, Maybe there is also Zenfone Zoom with Dual-SIM capability, just wait until 1 December when ASUS Reveal the full specififcations of Zenfone Zoom.

Unboxing Zenfone Zoom:

The package is slightly different then Zenfone 2 Series, with beautiful package and simple Zenfone Zoom words on the Top, with Circle after it.

and there is ASUS Logo on the side of the box

on the back there are IMEI, Serial Number and Zenfone Zoom code name ZX551ML

After opening the box you will see the gorgeous Zenfone Zoom leather, Zenfone Zoom Lens and straps from ASUS

The back cover is made from leather, very good in hand

What you get? Zenfone Zoom, Charger, USB Cable, Earphone, Warranty Book and Straps

Zenfone Zoom Detail :

Let's see more detail about Zenfone Zoom exterior design. the front design is similar with previous zenfone. Zenfone Zoom also have ASUS concertic-circle design below the screen.

On the back cover is covered by genuine leather, not imitation leather gives you premium looks and comfortable in hand

Front 5MP camera in line with speaker and proximity sensor 

Still same with previous Zenfone, Three function button and no backlight

With 3X optical zoom and 13 MP, ASUS Zenfone Zoom become world's thinnest optical zoom smartphone. ZenFone Zoom using OIS-shake compensation system, the sensor is Panasonic SmartFSI sensor, the size of 1/3 inch, and also uses Fujitsu's independent image processor designed to handle noise.

Intel inside logo


4 Side view

Zenfone Zoom also equipped with Shutter button and Recording button

Open the Back case there are SIM slot and MicroSD slot

Zenfone Zoom with strap in hand

Zenfone Zoom Benchmark Score:

Antutu benchmark Score for Zenfone Zoom is very good, arround 59620 points.

Quadrant score:


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