Monday, December 14, 2015

ASUS Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL Unlock Bootloader Tool

What is a bootloader? At its most basic level, your Android smartphone is like a hard drive, made of up several partitions. One of those partitions holds the Android system files, another holds all the app data you accumulate (which is how you're usually able to update without losing all your stuff), and others to do more behind-the scenes stuff. 

Think of the bootloader as a security checkpoint for all those partitions. Because if you're able to swap out what's on those partitions, you're able to break things if you don't know what you're doing. Or, with a little hackery, you're able to run custom ROMs.

Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL Official Unlock Bootloader tool v1.0

DescriptionUnlock Device App: Unlock boot loader
1. Update your software image to V1.14.40.695 or latest version
2. Before you download, install, and use the Unlock Device App you acknowledge

 and assume complete risk to the quality and performance of this App, including
 but not limited to the following: once you activate the App you will not be able to
 recover your ASUS product (“Original Product”) back to original locked conditions;
 the Original Product with the activated App will not be deemed the Original Product;
 the Revised Product will no longer be covered under the warranty of the Original Product;
 the software of Revised Product will no longer be deemed the software of the 
Original Product and can no longer receive ASUS software updates; your purchased 
digital content may also be affected.

You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any 

Revised Product, including events involving paid service requested by you to be
 performed to the Revised Product.
Furthermore, such repaired Revised Product will not be covered under the warranty of the

Original Product; the software of the repaired Revised Product will not be deemed 
the software of the Original Product and will not receive ASUS software updates.
It is strongly advised that you avoid activating this App unless you fully understand

and accept the risks that may arise.
File Size734.6 KBytes 
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