Tuesday, December 01, 2015

ASUS ZenFone Zoom Launched and On Sale in Taiwan

ASUS Chairman Mr. Jonney Shih and ASUS CEO Mr. Jerry Shen Holding ASUS Zenfone Zoom

After delayed for several months today ASUS revealed the new ASUS ZenFone variant, ZenFone Zoom. With 3X optical zoom and 13 MP, ASUS Zenfone Zoom become world's thinnest optical zoom smartphone. ZenFone Zoom using OIS-shake compensation system, the sensor is Panasonic SmartFSI sensor, the size of 1/3 inch, and also uses Fujitsu's independent image processor designed to handle noise.

People in line waiting to enter ZenFone Zoom experience.

ZenFone has been sold for 3.000.000 units since 2014/4 in Taiwan.

ASUS Chairman Mr. Jonney Shih on stage at ZenFone Zoom experience and Taiwan Zenfestival 2015

Mr. Jonney Shih explain about ZenFone Zoom which using Corning Gorilla Glass

Also explained about Zenfone Zoom equipped with 64 bit Intel Atom Z3590 2.5 GHz, PowerVR 6430 640MHz, and LTE with 250Mbps

Comparison beetween ZenFone Zoom and iPhone 6s Plus, 3X Optical zoom

Examples photo taken with Zenfone Zoom

ZenFone Zoom Specs

ZenFone Zoom official price for 2.3GHz and 64GB ROM variant is 13.990 NT or approximately 427.57 US $

ZenFone Zoom official price for 2.5GHz and 128GB ROM variant is 15.990 NT or approximately 488.69 US $

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