Thursday, December 15, 2016

ASUS ZenFone 3 RAW Firmware and ASUS Flashtool

ASUS Flashtool is a program for flashing ASUS Device, including Zenfone series. To perform ASUS flashtool you need RAW firmware. Today zenfoneblog will share ASUS Flashtool for ASUS ZenFone 3 (support another device too) and ZenFone 3 RAW Firmware.

ASUS Flashtool Download:

ZenFone 3 RAW Firmware Download:

Tutorial How to Install and Use ASUS Flashtool:
  1. Unpack the archive with the program and start ASUSFlashToolInstaller.exe
  2. Turn off the Zenfone. Go to FASTBOOT mode, press and hold Power + Volume up button.
  3. Start the AFT
  4. Connect Zenfone to a PC USB 2.0 port using the USB cable.
  5. ASUS Android Bootloader will automatically installed in device driver in Device Manager. If doesn't show you must install manually
  6. The program will search for device, if connect properly Serial Number will be appear.
  7. Select the device model
  8. Click the serial number of the device (the string will be highlighted in blue) and select the desired model of the list
  9. Select Wipe data radio position Yes / No. Attention! If Wipe data = Yes, the user data will be deleted
  10. Click the Select button and browse to the firmware file * .raw 

  11. Again, click on the serial number of the device (the string will be highlighted in blue) and click the Start button
  12. During the firmware does not disconnect the unit from the PC (turn firmware is displayed on the device screen). Upon successful completion of the firmware, you will see the status of «Flash image successfully»

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