Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tips How to Fix ZenFone Battery Drain

If your device is a ZenFone A400CG/A400CXG/A450CG or ZenFone 2/5/6 with an updated Android Lollipop and you think that the battery drains fast, try the following tips. You can also use them to fix heating and slow performance issues.

1. Use Auto-Start Manager to put all downloaded apps and pre-loaded apps in DENY mode. 
  • Many apps have their own services and may automatically run in background even though the primary apps have been killed. It’ll consume your battery power fast if it performs improperly.
  • Basically, all downloaded apps and many ASUS pre-loaded apps are allowed to be put in DENY mode. This way, all their services are prevented from running in the background.
  • If the apps listed on the denied list were manually launched (or called by another app, e.g. FB will call its Messenger), they may still occupy memory. Just Allow/Deny them again to free those occupied memory or click Boost from upper right cornerQuick setting to free the occupied memory directly again. From the upper right menu, Sort by memory usage helps seeing this case easily.

2. Uninstall or Disable the downloaded or pre-loaded apps you don’t want.
  • Keeping the unused apps you’ve downloaded on your phone only consumes system resource and may cause malfunction of phone features. Review and uninstall them periodically.
  • Some Google GMS apps are compulsory to be pre-loaded but they can be disabled if you’re not using them. To disable, drag its icon from the App Drawer and drop on upper left/center one by one can easily disable them.
  • ASUS ZenUI also pre-loaded some apps including the apps created by ASUS and other 3rd party manufacturers. They all have been seriously surveyed and identified to give users the best experience on ASUS phones or tablets. However, we also give you the option to remove them by uninstalling or disabling them. Some ZenUI apps, like Phone and Camera, can’t be disabled or uninstalled because of their close relationships with the ZenUI framework.

3. Stop some syncing activities which are not important or necessary for your life. This is useful if your network (Wi-Fi/3G) is not always stable with strong signal. You can review the activities for the accounts listed on Settings > Accounts one by one.
  • Google has many syncing activities enabled by default and you can stop the items you don’t need to get a longer battery life. You can even stop all of them if you are using mobile data plan and often get speed lags.
  • Email sync is another case that can consume more resources. You can stop or use a longer syncing time to save some power.
  • Automatic files/photos uploading to cloud storage can be a power-consuming activity. Consider switching to manual upload instead.
4. Setting up a schedule to automatically enter ‘Ultra- saving mode’ is recommended when you plan to leave your device turned on overnight as you sleep. In this mode, only phone calls will be available, and other communication tools like Line, Facebook, WeChat will be disconnected.

5. Don’t just tap the Back or Home keys when you want to close an app, but rather remember to clear all running apps you’ve launched. Asus ZenUI Launcher provides you an easy way to instantly clear all running apps using just one button.

6. Turn off Auto-update apps on Google Play to save more battery life especially for heavy app usage. Turn off this option from Google Play > Settings > General > Auto-update apps.

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