Saturday, May 06, 2017

ASUS may have leaked new ZenFone Series, ZenFone 4

ZenFone 3 Ultra

The company published what is believed to be the new ZenFone 4 Series on ASUS Royal Club Online Booking System, which offers the original maintenance service for ASUS products.
ZenFone 4 Max at ASUS Royal Club, Courtesy of

Although we haven't hear any rumors about new generation of ZenFone will use ZenFone 4 Series or not because in 2014 ASUS released their first intel based android smartphone with ZenFone 4 name. 

Back to the URL in question. The only thing that it does reveal is the phone's model number, ZC554KL. There is a drop down menu on ASUS Royal Club Online Booking System and you can choose ZC554KL or ZenFone 4 Max.  

ASUS first launched ZenFone series of mobile phones had sold the name of the ZenFone 4 4.5-inch mobile phone, the outside world has always been curious ZenFone 3 after the next generation of products, ASUS will be how to ZenFone phone named, is inherited the previous generation launched ZenFone 4 , Or a new series of names come out from the ASUS Royal Club online booking system, it seems that the answer. ASUS is still planning to ZenFone 4 series name introduced new products, and the internal code ZC554KL ZenFone 4 Max should be a 5.5-inch mobile phone, and the main Max product of the large battery.


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