Friday, January 15, 2021

Minimize OLED Burn-in on Zenfone screen

Comparing with traditional LCD panel,OLED panel technology provides more vivid colors,lower power consumption and thinner screen thickness,so that users can enjoy the best visual experience。 However,in some extreme use cases to OLED panel,such as displaying the same high-contrast color image at high brightness for a long time,OLED panel may possibly produce "Image retention”or“Image burn-in”phenomenon。These are the characteristics and limitations of OLED panel technology。To avoid this phenomenon, please enable the automatic screen brightness adjustment function,select a shorter screen sleep time,and avoid displaying the same image at maximum brightness for a long time。

How to minimize the effects of burn-in on screen? 

  1. Enable Auto-brightness: Settings > Display > [Auto-brightness] 
  2. Choosing a shorter time on sleep: Settings > Display > [Sleep], it can also increase the battery life when you select a shorter time on sleep. 
  3. Avoid using your phone to display a same image at maximum brightness for a long period of time.

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