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Monday, June 08, 2015

ASUS LolliFlash Unboxing and Review

It's a simple enough proposition. You charge the thing up over USB, then turn it on to one of the three settings and leave it plugged in to the headphone jack of your Zenfone. (Or any other phone, we suppose.) If you really want to get saucy there are a few color filters you can apply. Then just snap away.

The ASUS Lolliflash will be available for $14.99.

ASUS LolliFlash Specifications: 

ASUS LolliFlash Specifications
Dimensions 31.5mm x 11mm
Weight 8g
Battery Lithium battery
Color white, red, blue, black, yellow
Port Micro USB (charging only)
Battery Life about 20 minutes
Input voltage and current 5.0V, 0.12A
Beam angle about 95 °
CRI 80 (CRI)
Color Temperature ±2700K, ±500K, ±5000K , ±500K
Brightness change 3 (low, medium, high)

ASUS LolliFlash:

Photos taken with LolliFlash:

Without LolliFlash
With LolliFlash
With LolliFlash Red Filter
No Flash
With LolliFlash low setting
With LolliFlash Medium setting
With LolliFlash High setting

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