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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

ASUS ZenFlash Xenon Flash Unboxing and Review

ASUS Zenflash Box
Apart from the new ZenFone series, the company had more up its sleeves and launched new accessories named ZenFlash and LolliFlash.
The Asus ZenFlash accessory is a "Xenon flash dongle," and can be connected to smartphones via USB OTG. The device can stick to the phone's rear panel and is said to offer "400 times" brighter flash than the usual LED flash. Asus has not yet detailed the compatibility of the accessories.


ASUS ZenFlash Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 48 x 30 x 15.7 mm
Port Micro USB OTG
Flash index GN4.8
Irradiation range 2.4 m (ISO 100, f / 2.0)
Flash modes automatic, manual, close
Recycle time 5 to 6 seconds
Input Current 5V DC 300mA
Operating ambient temperature 0C ~ 45C (32F ~ 113F)
Compatible phone models ZenFone 2 series


ASUS Zenflash Box
Zenflash Guide

Zenflash Protective case, protective cover, 2 sucker

ASUS ZenFlash

ASUS Zenflash

ZenFlash Micro USB Connector

Zenflash on Zenfone 2

Zenflash on Zenfone 2

Zenflash on Zenfone 2

 How to Set up ZenFlash:

How to Set up Zenflash
  1. Stick protective cover to Zenfone 2 4cm below the camera
  2. Tear the protective cover and place zenflash
  3. connect zenflash to zenfone 2 via micro usb

Get Started with ZenFlash:

  1. Download ZenFlash app at Playstore
  2.  Check it if you want to auto start zenflash if it plug via microusb
  3. After entering the program you will see this interface
  4. Adjustable upper right corner (manual GN, automatic GN, off)
  5. Expert mode:


Low Light Mode





GN 4.8

Note: GN=farthest shooting distance Guide Number = value guide number → allow photographers to understand when using the flash


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