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Thursday, October 01, 2015

[APK] ZenMotion Camera

ZenMotion basically houses all of the gestures that ASUS has built into the Zenfone 2. Which aren’t many, and there’s actually only two. That’s Touch Gesture and Motion Gesture. With Touch Gesture, When the screen off, you can draw a letter to open up a specific app. For example, if you draw an S on the screen, it’ll turn on and launch the Messaging app. You can customize which apps are opened, but not the letter you draw to open them. So for example, I could change the S to open Hangouts, but I can’t change it to another letter. The letters you can use are W, S, e, C, Z, and V, with the only lower case letter being the e.
With ZenMotion Camera, You can draw W/S/e/C/Z/V to Open Camera feature, such as Selfie Camera and ZenUI Camera. Today ASUS Zenfone Blog will share post About ZenMotion Camera, ZenMotion Camera created by Shakalaca and Original post can be read here

Download ZenMotion Camera APK:

How to Install and Set-up:

  1. Download APK Above and Install it
  2. Go To Settings > ZenMotion

  3.  Select Touch Gesture

  4. Select your pattern for Zen Selfie(I will try S)

  5. Done, Try it (lock the screen and Draw S, Selfie Camera will be open)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Use ZenMotion 'Hands Up' Mode

After Zenfone 2 Latest Update, ASUS give us new ZenMotion feature called 'Hands up'. With This feature you can accept call without touching the screen, just Hold phone in potrait mode, and lift to touch the ear. How to set up this feature? Follow these steps by Asus Zenfone Blog.

How to Use ZenMotion 'Hands Up' Mode

  1. Open Settings > ZenMotion 
  2. Choose Motion Gesture
  3.  turn On Hands Up

Friday, March 20, 2015

[ZenMotion] Activate apps instantly by touching screen gesture in sleep mode

Can be use at Zenfone 2.
By drawing letters on screen in sleep mode, you can simultaneously wake up the phone and activate appointed apps instantly.
Note: If you have set screen lock, excluding "Swipe", on your phone, you need to unlock your screen first before the appointed app is activated.
Go to "Settings" -> "ZenMotion", and you can see the 6 gestures and their corresponding apps.

Friday, March 20, 2015

[ZenMotion] Double Tapping to Wake up Device and Lock Screen

Can be use at Zenfone 2.
By double tapping the screen, you can
1. Wake up the phone: When the phone is in sleep mode, tap the screen twice to wake up the phone.
2. Lock screen: When the phone is on the page of desktop, tap the screen twice to lock the screen.
How to enable / disable this function
Please go to "Settings" -> "ZenMotion" -> "Screen on / off".

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