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Friday, April 16, 2021

How To Downgrade ZenFone 7 From Android 11 to 10

ZenFone 7 / ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS670KS / ZS671KS) Software downgrade from Android 11 to target Image Version: WW- (Android 10) for WW SKU only. ※ 

Android 11 to Android 10
Download ZenFone 7 / ZenFone 7 Pro Firmware  Android 11 to Android 10

Before you start the downgrade, please make sure all pictures, important data finished the backup. 

The downgrade process will erase all data to be a new system. 

ASUS company would not not be responsible for the risk of data loss. Steps of Update: 

1. Download the firmware and copy to internal storage. 

2. Remove Google Account. 

3. Pull down the quick setting list. 

4. The system will pop up a message which detected a firmware update info. 

5. Execute the downgrade firmware file. * If you skip step 5, and you don't know how to trigger the downgrade process again. Please reboot the system, and the downgrade info will pop up again. 

*How to know the device model? Path: Settings->About-> Model number Example: ASUS PadFone2 **How to know the device software version? Path: Settings->About-> software information->Build number Example: CHT_PadFone2-user- *System upgrade may cause part of data missing, please backup your important data before system upgrading.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Enable Smart Key on ZenFone 7

What is the difference between Smart key and normal Power key? Smart key is more than a Power key. It combines the function of Power key, fingerprint sensor, and some customized features, such as: open apps, execute specific app shortcut, etc. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings > tap the Settings icon > Advanced > Smart key > to adjust or activate desired functions.

Friday, January 15, 2021

How to Customize Zenfone 7 Flip Camera Angle

How do I flip the lens? Can I customize the flip angle? To flip the camera: open the camera app, tap the switch camera button. To customize the flip angle, you can: 

  1. Long press on the switch camera button, then slide up and down on the preview screen to control and adjust the flip angle of the camera. 
  2. Press the up or down volume key to slowly rotate the camera. 
  3. You can also tap the flip camera icon on the right side of the preview screen. It has 3 pre-set angles to help you quickly flip to different angles. You can also store the current angle by long-pressing C1, C2 or C3. You can store up to three angles.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Minimize OLED Burn-in on Zenfone screen

Comparing with traditional LCD panel,OLED panel technology provides more vivid colors,lower power consumption and thinner screen thickness,so that users can enjoy the best visual experience。 However,in some extreme use cases to OLED panel,such as displaying the same high-contrast color image at high brightness for a long time,OLED panel may possibly produce "Image retention”or“Image burn-in”phenomenon。These are the characteristics and limitations of OLED panel technology。To avoid this phenomenon, please enable the automatic screen brightness adjustment function,select a shorter screen sleep time,and avoid displaying the same image at maximum brightness for a long time。

How to minimize the effects of burn-in on screen? 

  1. Enable Auto-brightness: Settings > Display > [Auto-brightness] 
  2. Choosing a shorter time on sleep: Settings > Display > [Sleep], it can also increase the battery life when you select a shorter time on sleep. 
  3. Avoid using your phone to display a same image at maximum brightness for a long period of time.

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